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Dr. Walker has really transformed all of our lives in the most positive way. We initially contacted her because our Great Pyrenees was having occasional seizures, anxiety, and GI issues.  The traditional vet that we had been seeing didn’t have any answers for the seizures because she wasn’t having enough of them to go on the meds they would normally prescribe.  They also didn’t have any satisfying answers for her GI issues.  We were all very stressed out and at our wits end and really just wanted Eva (our great pyrenees) to feel better!  I decided to try a mobile holistic vet because Evais terrified when she has to go in to the vet office and because I trust holistic methods for my own health, so why not for my dog?  It was the best decision we could have made.  Dr. Walker really listened to us and worked in a very collaborative way from the beginning using both her traditional and holistic vet training.  She found the right combination of Chinese herbs that helped Eva to decrease her seizures and diagnosed Eva’s food allergies so that we could get her GI issues back on track.  Melissa comes to our house for acupuncture and laser treatments for Eva’s joints and Eva is always happy to see her and feels much better afterwards. It is such relief to us (and Eva) to not have to drag a terrified 90 pound dog into the vet.


 She also has a deep knowledge of nutrition and has really changed our understanding of canine nutrition and the impact it has on a dogs total health.   It has definitely been a process, but I am happy to say that currently Eva’s food allergies and seizures are under control and her anxiety’s decreased as a result.  The nutritional info that we learned from Melissa has also be applicable to our lives and we are feeling better too! 


I’m always impressed with how intelligent, calm, and thorough she is.   I have sent a few (too many haha) panicked texts at random times and she is always quick to respond and calm me down.  She really cares about your pet and works very hard to find the right combination of treatments to help them feel better.  Melissa is always learning and growing which really gives me confidence that she is up to date on the latest information.  It’s very inspiring!  


To sum up-Dr. Walker is amazing and we are so grateful to have found her!  You will be too.

Jenny H.

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