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I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Walker as someone who would be willing to do acupuncture for my 16 year old red-tailed hawk named Chase. For nine months before seeing Dr. Walker Chase had been dealing with pain that seemed incurable. It was an incredibly stressful situation for my bird as well as myself. His acupuncture treatments with Dr. Walker were the first time he experienced relief after his injury. Dr. Walker was so wonderful about taking into account the needs of a non-typical patient and really worked with me on coming up with a treatment plan. I was so impressed by her willingness, gentleness and patience with my bird. His acupuncture and lacer appointments have worked wonders for his injury and he is now back to his normal self with no indication of pain whatsoever. I highly recommend Dr. Walker to anyone with feathered or furred companions in need of vet care!

Simone C.

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